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Negligent Security: We have a complete understanding of the law regarding property owners’ responsibilities.

Owners of property are legally required to ensure the safety of that property to the best of their abilities. Typically, negligent security cases allege that the owner or occupier failed to take one or more of the following steps, without which the criminal would not have been able to perpetrate the crime that caused the harm:

  1. Inadequate security lighting or failure to maintain adequate lighting;

  2. Failure to provide a security patrol or adequate security patrols;

  3. Inadequate or faulty gates, doors, fencing, or locks;

  4. Failure to install or to adequately place or monitor security cameras;

  5. Failure to respond to a security alert; or

  6. Failure to adequately warn of the potential for danger.

At SouthShore we represent victims throughout Central Florida in these cases. We have a complete understanding of the law regarding property owners’ responsibilities, and we work hard to see that they are held accountable when those responsibilities are not fulfilled.

We have handled negligent security claims involving a variety of properties, including attacks in apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels, schools, movie theaters, parking structures, nightclubs and many others. We seek compensation for your medical care, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and any other damages appropriate to your case.

Contact our office today to discuss your negligent security claim with a lawyer. southshorinjuryattorneys

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