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5 Common Myths About Florida Car Accident Claims

People hear a lot of different things about car accidents, especially with all of the different advertising that is out there providing minimal facts with no explanation. Because of this, there are some common misconceptions that we often hear from clients when we first sit down with them at their initial consultation.

As an injury victim, it is important that you know the full truth when it comes to Florida car accident claims so that you can make the most informed decision as to how to proceed. Below are some of the more common car accident myths.

Myth #1 – A Car Accident Can Only Be One Driver’s Fault

WRONG! Florida is a comparative fault state. This means that more than one person can be judged to have been at fault for causing a car accident. So, even if you think you caused the accident, this does not mean that you don’t have a claim. The other driver’s conduct should be carefully looked at to see if maybe their conduct also contributed to the accident.

Myth #2 – If I Am Hurt and the Car Accident is Not My Fault, the Insurance Company Will Pay My Bills

WRONG! Just because you have been hurt in a car accident does not mean the insurance company will pay your bills. This is true even if the car accident is not your fault. There are requirements that you must meet in order for your insurance company to become obligated to pay for some of your bills. The other driver’s insurance company may also refuse to pay your bills and choose to defend your claim instead.

Myth #3 – IF I Don’t Go to the Doctor Right Away, I Can’t File a Claim for My Injury

WRONG! No matter when you go to the doctor, you can still file a claim as long as you were injured as a result of the accident. The longer you wait, however, the insurance company will use the time you waited against you. You may then need to provide an explanation for why you waited. NOTE – there are certain time limitations for some insurance benefits for car accidents, the most important of which is that you must see a doctor within the first 14 days of your car accident in order to preserve your right to your full personal injury protection (PIP) benefits.

Myth #4 – I Won’t Be Able to Recover if My Injury is to a Body Part that I Have Injured Before

WRONG! You can recover even if you had an injury to the same body part before.  This is called a pre-existing condition.  If you can show that your pre-existing condition was aggravated as a result of the accident, then you will be entitled to compensation for your injury.  You should consult one of our Florida personal injury attorneys who can guide you through this process.

Myth #5 – Any Lawyer Can Handle a Car Accident Claim

WRONG! Not all lawyers are qualified to handle car accident claims. Many lawyers handle all types of cases, from bankruptcy to divorce. They may also handle an occasional car accident claim. This does not make them qualified. You need a lawyer that specializes in these cases. Would you go to your regular doctor for heart surgery? The same is true when choosing a lawyer.

Trust SouthShore Injury Attorneys With Your Florida Car Accident Claim

When you’ve been injured in a car accident, it is important that you consult with a qualified Florida car accident attorney who can best advise you as to your rights based on the specific facts of your case. The attorneys at SouthShore Injury Attorneys have extensive litigation experience and handle only personal injury claims. If you’ve suffered injuries in a Florida car accident, contact SouthShore Injury Attorneys at (813) 419-3866 for a free consultation.

Free Information

If you have questions about your Florida accident case, you can download our Free Reports:

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