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December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

In a few short weeks, two of the most celebrated nights of the year will be here – Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.  Unfortunately, they are also two of the most dangerous nights when it comes to impaired driving.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2018 alone 839 people died in alcohol-related crashes during the month of December.  While drunk driving deaths typically represent a third of all traffic fatalities, that increased to 50 percent on December 24th and December 31st.

Effective Ways of Preventing Impaired Driving

The most effective way to prevent impaired driving is by not driving at all.  Whether you choose to take a cab, Uber, or Lyft, or you designate a sober driver for the evening, this is by far the best way to prevent impaired driving.  However, as the statistics show, many people, unfortunately, don’t plan ahead for this.  Other ways to prevent impaired driving include:

  1. Hosting your own party at home

  2. Making arrangements to stay overnight

  3. Educating teens and young adults on the dangers of impaired driving

  4. Bringing an accountability partner – never let friends drive drunk!

  5. Giving your keys to someone else

  6. Stop drinking 90 minutes or more before you plan to leave

Even if you are sober, remember that there are many others on the road who may not be.  Stay alert, drive with caution, and always wear your seat belt.  And remember, there is no shame in calling 911 if you see another driver who may be impaired.  Your call could save a life.

Free Information

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