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Do I Have to Complete all Medical Treatment Before Resolving My Florida Personal Injury Claim?

The concern we hear most often from people who’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence and who are pursuing a personal injury claim is the amount of time it will take to get their claim resolved. Although there are many factors that may affect the amount of time a claim will take, the biggest is your medical treatment.

If your injury involves a straight forward fracture that heals within several months, your claim can likely be resolved fairly quickly (this, of course, depends on the insurance company’s cooperation). However, many times, especially with cases involving neck and back injuries, your injuries can linger for a long period of time, during which you may be required to seek various forms of medical treatment.

When is the Best Time to Settle My Accident Claim?

The “best” time to settle your accident claim depends on the amount of insurance coverage involved and the insurance company’s willingness to settle. For example, if there is minimal policy limits and you’ve suffered a serious and permanent neck or back injury that will require lifelong medical treatment, and that is known early on in your treatment, your case can likely be settled right away. However, if you have a more lingering injury and there is more insurance coverage, then it may take some time to resolve your claim. The reason for this is that medical providers want to try the least invasive and conservative treatments first and only after those have failed will they opt for surgery. Sometimes, conservative treatment can last months and potentially years before it is known whether you will need surgery. During this time, the insurance company is unlikely to offer you a fair settlement, as they typically won’t consider things like future surgery unless it has been recommended – and sometimes not even until it has been performed.

Although you can likely settle your case at any given time, you don’t want to short change yourself. The worst mistake that an accident victim or their lawyer can make is to settle a case and then discover that the injured party will later need surgery. That is why it is best to wait to see how the treatment works for you before attempting to settle your claim. When there is clear picture of what your future holds in terms of future medical treatment, that is when you can realistically place a value on your damages and make a demand for settlement. In many cases, this will occur well before all medical treatment has been completed.

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