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Do I Need to Hire an Expert Witness to Recover in My Florida Car Accident Claim?

When you’ve been injured in a Florida car accident, expenses can quickly add up. From the cost of medical care, to the cost of repairing your vehicle, you may soon feel as if you are drowning in unexpected debt.  This is why the law allows you to recover from the driver who caused your crash – or more specifically, from his/her insurance company. In Florida, recoverable damages include:

  1. Past medical bills

  2. Future medical bills

  3. Past lost wages

  4. Loss of Future Earning Capacity

  5. Past/Future pain and suffering

However, in order to recover in your personal injury claim, you must first prove that the other driver was at fault and that the accident was a cause of the damages that you are seeking. While this is easy is some cases, other cases may require the help of an expert witness.

What Kind of Experts are Used to Prove a Personal Injury Claim?

Expert witnesses are often needed to prove such things as fault after an accident.  This is especially true in more complex cases involving multiple vehicles or negligently designed road conditions.  Expert witnesses are also commonly used to properly document and quantify future medical care and earnings. The most common types of experts include:

  1. Accident reconstruction experts

  2. Engineers

  3. Doctors/Radiologists

  4. Life Care Planners

  5. Economists

Whether an expert witness is needed in a case is a decision that will be made by your personal injury attorney, which is why it is important to hire an attorney that specializes in handling personal injury cases. This is especially true given the costs associated with hiring an expert.

How Much Does an Expert Witness Cost?

The old saying that “you get what you pay for” applies to the hiring of expert witnesses.  There are experts that are very costly and those that charge much less.  While it may be tempting to save on costs and go with a less expensive expert, this can come back to haunt you. Without consideration for cost, the right expert needs to be retained for your case.  This largely can depend on your objectives. For example, if you have no intention or desire to go to trial, you may be able to spend less versus a case where you know you will be required to present your case to a jury. These are factors that a qualified personal injury attorney will weigh in order to maximize the recovery in your case.

Free Information

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