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Five Mistakes That Can Harm Your Apollo Beach Personal Injury Case

Although every case is different, there are common mistakes that can drastically reduce the amount of compensation you may be able to recover in your personal injury claim.  Here are just a few:

Not Documenting Your Accident

After an accident, it is important that you document what happened as best you can. You can do this by first calling the Police and reporting your accident. The Police will then come out and investigate what happened, and issue citations if appropriate. It is also important that you take photos, if possible. Photograph all vehicles involved, and the scene of the accident. Also, if you are experiencing any pain at the scene, make sure you tell the Police Officer so that h/she can document your complaints in their report.

Not Seeing Your Doctor

A lot of people decline medical attention after a car accident, even if they are in some pain.  Worse yet, some people also choose to wait awhile after their car accident to see if the pain goes away by itself. This is a mistake!

The first thing an insurance company will look for in your medical records is when you first complained of your injury.  Merely complaining to the Police Officer is not enough. Insurance companies believe that if you are hurt, you will go see a doctor.  If you don’t go to a doctor, then you must not be hurt. Unfortunately, many jurors feel the same way.  So, the longer you wait to go to the doctor, you can bet the insurance company will use this as a reason why they are making you an offer for far less than what your injury is worth.

Talking to an Insurance Company Adjuster Before You Have Consulted with an Attorney

Insurance companies love to talk to people after an accident who don’t have an attorney.  Claims are routinely harmed when an injured party makes what they think is an innocent statement, only to later have their statements used against them.  This is why it is wise to talk to an Apollo Beach personal injury attorney before talking to any insurance company.

Not Telling Your Attorney About Past Accidents and Injuries

Once you file a claim, you can bet that the insurance company will already know how many past accidents you have been involved in. They will also be interested in knowing about any prior injuries. In some cases, they may already have this information. If you don’t tell your attorney about all of your prior accidents and injuries, this information will likely come out and harm your case, whether you think it is relevant or not. Regardless of how damaging you think the information is to your claim, your attorney will be able to deal with it best if h/she knows about it first from you.

Discussing Your Accident and Injuries on Social Media

Many cases have been seriously damaged by photos and statements posted on social media. Refrain from discussing how your accident happened, and how you are recovering from your injuries, as any statements can be used against you. Even the most innocent of photos can harm your case. That is why it is best to refrain from posting to social media during the duration of your personal injury claim.

Free Information

If you have questions about your Florida accident case, you can download our Free Reports:

which are available at our website, or you can click the link provided.  You can also contact us at (813)419-3866 to talk directly to an Apollo Beach Personal Injury Attorney now.

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