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How to Avoid Common Spring Break Accidents

It’s that time of year again – Spring Break.   Unfortunately, while most people are able to soak up the sun and enjoy our beaches without any problem, many others will leave for home with unexpected injuries from accidents that could have been avoided.

Before starting your spring break, it’s important to be prepared so to that your vacation isn’t complicated by unnecessary medical and legal matters.

Common Causes of Spring Break Accidents

Alcohol-Related Accidents

The most common cause of spring break accidents is alcohol.  The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism indicates that close to 50 percent of all college students regularly engage in binge drinking.  Unfortunately, if a study was done of all college students attending spring break, this number would likely be much higher.

Alcohol leads to all sorts of risky behavior that can result in accidents and injuries, whether it be choosing to drive after drinking or even riding with someone who may have had too much to drink.  Other common alcohol-related accidents include alcohol poisoning, swimming accidents, and bar fights.

Violent Crime Injuries

Unfortunately, violent crime increases during spring break.  Criminals often see the increase in vacationers (and the condition of some of those vacationers) as an opportunity to prey on younger and unsuspecting tourists.

Swimming Accidents

With the increase in people, swimming accidents also increase during spring break.  Many tourists may not be familiar with the dangers associated with swimming in the ocean.  Also, with the increase in younger tourists – who enjoy horsing around – swimming pool accidents rise as well.

Bar and Nightclub Injuries

Anytime you combine alcohol with a large group of people, problems usually arise.  This is especially true during spring break, when many are just out to party.  This results in an increase in bar fights, which not only result in injuries to the participants of the fight but more often than not bystanders are injured as well.  Other bars and nightclub related accidents include fall down accidents and drug and alcohol-related accidents.

Spring Break Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips to help keep you accident and injury-free during your spring break vacation.

  1. Travel with a buddy – or better yet – with a group of people

  2. Book a hotel in a central location to avoid unnecessary car travel

  3. If car travel is necessary, take a cab or use Uber/Lyft

  4. Never walk alone at night

  5. Avoid exploring areas away from your destination

  6. Don’t draw unwanted attention to yourself

  7. Avoid walking around your destination with your valuables

  8. Drink responsibly

  9. Don’t drink in a hot tub

  10. Never swim alone

If you’ve been injured in a spring break accident, call an experienced Ruskin personal injury attorney at SouthShore Injury Attorneys to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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