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New Florida Texting and Driving Law In Effect

2020 doesn’t just bring about new resolutions and funny Barber Walter memes, it’s also the start of Florida’s new push of ticketing drivers who are caught texting and driving. Although texting while driving has been illegal in Florida for years, police couldn’t stop you for it as a primary offense. That is no longer the case. Police are now able to pull you over specifically for texting while driving. So what are some keys things to know about the new law:

Holding Your Phone While Driving

Although not a safe thing to do, the law only prohibits holding your phone in work zones and school zones. These are considered hands-free areas.

Texting At A Red Light

The law does not apply to stationary vehicles. So if you are at a red light or stuck in traffic, you technically can use your phone.

GPS and Bluetooth

If you are not in a hands-free area, checking your phone for designated safety reasons is allowed. These include navigation, weather, traffic alerts, or calling law enforcement.

Remember the spirit of the law is to get people to put their phones down and to make sure they do that, tickets issued for a first offense carry a $30 fine plus court costs, which could reach more than $100. The fine jumps to $60 for a second violation within five years. Texting in a school or work zone will be a moving violation with three points on a driving record, plus a $60 fine. For more information check out the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or give us a call at (813) 419-3866.

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