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Tampa Bay Ranks High for Most Aggressive Drivers

We’ve written before about the Tampa Bay area when it comes to driving. For example, we told you how the Tampa area has the highest cyclist death rate in the United States, and also how Tampa is the ninth deadliest city for pedestrian deaths.  Unfortunately, Tampa has made another list.  And for those of you who drive at all around the area, this will not be surprising.  The Tampa Bay area ranks 19th out of major metro areas for most aggressive drivers. In fact, Florida had three metro areas ranked in the top twenty.  In addition to the Tampa area, Orlando was ranked 7th, and the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area came in 17th.   In other words, the entire State of Florida is full of aggressive drivers.

These rankings are based on a recent study conducted by GasBuddy, which used data from their app to determine the most aggressive speeders and those who brake and accelerate more rapidly than the average driver from the top 30 metropolitan areas based on population size.  The data showed that for those drivers in the Tampa Bay area (Tampa-St. Petersburg), Tampa Bay drivers have 12.6 percent more speeding incidents that the average U.S. driver (which ranks 11th), and the area ranks 15th for rapid acceleration incidents.   Not surprisingly, Fridays were determined to be the worst day of the week for aggressive driving, while Wednesday was the day with the fewest incidents.

Tips for Driving in Heavy Traffic

The reason Tampa Bay has so many aggressive drivers is likely due to the heavy traffic we experience on a daily basis.   Because we all encounter this traffic frequently, it’s important to review some tips to make your drive a little safer.  When driving in traffic, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Slow down

  2. Stay calm

  3. Be aware of what other drivers around you are doing

  4. Expect the unexpected – assume other drivers will do something crazy

  5. Communicate your driving – signal well in advance and begin braking early

  6. Keep a cushion at all times between yourself and the vehicle in front of you

  7. Brake smoothly

  8. Watch your mirrors

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