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Tips to Keep Your Teen Safe on Prom Night

It’s that time of year – Prom season. While this is an exciting time for teens, with gown shopping, picking the right tuxedo, and all the planning that goes with it, it’s one of the most worrisome times of the year for parents. Having been teens ourselves, we know firsthand the kind of pressure they face on prom night.  As personal injury attorneys, we’ve also seen the devastating effects that can be caused by a few poor choices. The statistics are alarming.

  1. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly one-third of alcohol-related teen traffic fatalities occur between April and June, which is the peak of prom and graduation season.

  2. In the past several years alone, approximately 300 teens have died in alcohol-related traffic accidents during prom weekends.

To help minimize your teen’s chances of being in a car accident this prom season, consider these tips to keep your teen safe on prom night:

  1. Talk to Your Teen – get all the details for the night directly from your teen. What are his/her plans for transportation, dining, and any after-prom plans?  Find out from your teen the names of all students who will be in his/her party.  It is especially important to know the name of the person who will be driving.  The more details you have about the night, the better off you are.

  2. Verify the Facts – It is not that you don’t trust your teen, but the reality is that he/she is still a teenager. Because of this, and as a matter of safety, verify what your teen tells you before you let them get into a car and drive away on prom night.   Check with their school to verify prom details, including any rules for the prom, especially leaving early.

  3. Talk to the Other Parents – make sure all parents of the teens in your child’s prom party are on the same page when it comes to the details of the night. Most importantly, make sure all parents are on the same page when it comes to no drinking, to make sure that all prom-related activities are alcohol-free.

  4. Educate Your Teen on the Dangers of Drinking and Driving – While it may seem that your teen doesn’t always listen to you, it’s important to sit down and educate your child on the dangers of underage drinking and drinking and driving.  To show your child that you are not just lecturing them, have some statistics handy to show your child so they know how real the dangers actually are.

  5. Have a Backup Plan– no matter how solid your teen’s plans are, they are always subject to change. Make sure you and your teen plan for things such as a change in whose driving, or what your teen will do if his/her driver has been drinking.   If there is no Plan B, make sure you are available to assist your teen, and that they know they can rely on you if they find him/herself in a bad situation.

  6. Make Sure Your Teen’s Cell Phone is Fully Charged – while it’s unlikely that your teen ever leaves home without a fully charged cell phone, this is especially important on prom night. If your teen finds him/herself in an uncomfortable situation, come up with a code word or emoji so they can let you know they need help.

With proper planning, you can make your teen’s prom safer.  However, even with the best planning, accidents still can happen.   If so, contact an Apollo Beach Personal Injury Attorney at Southshore Injury Attorneys to schedule a consultation.  Our skilled personal injury attorneys will fight tirelessly to recover the compensation you deserve.

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