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What are the Different Kinds of Car Insurance and How do they Protect Me?

A lot of people get confused when they hear about all of the different types of car insurance coverage available. Most think that car insurance is just about protecting you from the claims of other drivers. While car insurance can protect you in the event of a claim against you, it can also provide you with coverage and compensate you for injury and damage under certain circumstances.

Below are the different types of car insurance available and what you need to know about each.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Bodily injury coverage protects you in the event you were to cause a crash and the other driver is injured. When a claim is filed against you for injuries, your bodily injury coverage will apply up to the limit of coverage that you purchased. In the event you are sued, your insurance company will also provide you with an attorney who will defend you. The insurance company will also pay for this lawyer.

It’s important to note that bodily injury coverage is optional in the State of Florida. However, we highly recommend that you purchase it to protect your personal assets in the event of a claim.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage (PIP)

PIP is a mandatory coverage for all Florida drivers. PIP provides you with up to $10,000 in coverage and will pay 80% of your initial medical bills and 60% of your lost wages in the event you are injured. PIP will also apply regardless of fault for the crash. That means that you can be 100% at fault and PIP will still pay for your medical bills and wages, provided you qualify. To qualify, you must seek medical treatment within 14 days of your accident. If you don’t, you will lose this coverage.

In the event you’re injured in a crash, PIP is primary to all other insurance. This means that if you have health insurance, your PIP coverage must be applied first before your health insurance is obligated to pay.

Medical Payments Coverage (MedPay)

Medical payments coverage applies after PIP, and will pay the percentage of your medical bills left over after PIP up to the limit of your MedPay coverage. It will also pay any amounts over and above PIP up to the coverage limit as well. The big difference between PIP and MedPay is that your insurance company will have a right of subrogation to be reimbursed for any amounts paid in the event you recover from an at-fault party. If there is no recovery, or you were at fault for the crash, you do not have to reimburse the insurance company for any MedPay payments.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM)

Given the number of uninsured drivers on the road (2 out of every 10 drivers in the State of Florida are uninsured), and the fact that bodily injury coverage is optional in Florida, UM coverage is the most important coverage to have; however, it’s not mandatory. UM coverage protects you in the event you are injured in a crash and the at-fault driver is uninsured, or does not have sufficient bodily injury coverage to compensate you for your injuries (underinsured). UM coverage will also apply in the event of a hit and run crash.

Property Damage Coverage (PD)

PD coverage is mandatory in the State of Florida. Like bodily injury coverage, PD coverage protects you in the event you cause damage to someone else’s vehicle. It covers the other vehicle’s damage, and not yours.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage covers damage to your car after a crash involving another vehicle. Collision coverage is not required; however, we strongly recommend that you purchase it.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage covers damage to your car caused by anything other than a car accident, such as vandalism, accidents involving animals, etc. Comprehensive coverage is not required; however, we also strongly recommend you purchase this coverage as well.

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