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Slip And Fall: Some Hazards Simply Cannot Be Avoided.

A slip and fall injury is a common occurrence. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, more than 1 million people go to the Emergency Room each year as a result of slip and fall injuries. Many victims suffer serious injuries as a result of the fall. While slip and falls occur for many reasons, they can often be prevented by the owners and managers of the properties. Property owners and renters who invite a guest to their establishment have a responsibility to make sure the property is safe. If not, they should be held responsible. There are many factors to consider in a slip and fall case and our slip and fall personal injury lawyers can help you understand the law and assist you in holding the property owners accountable.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Although falls occur for many reasons, many falls usually occur as a result of a dangerous condition. Some of the top causes of fall injuries are:​

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These types of dangerous conditions can be found in shopping centers, restaurants, stores, private homes, and in public spaces. Property owners and managers have a responsibility to maintain their buildings and premises in a reasonably safe manner and to warn people of the dangers on the property and to take action to correct the danger.

If you have the means, or have someone with you who does, it is highly encouraged that you take pictures of the accident scene. Make sure the pictures show the substance that caused a slip or the defect that caused a trip. The more pictures of the area, the better.

Other important things to obtain include:

  1. Getting the names and phone numbers of anyone who witnessed the fall

  2. Name of the store manager as well as the supervisor on duty

  3. Seek medical care if you have been injured

  4. Documentation of any medical treatment, including costs, time away from work, amount of treatment needed in the future

If you have suffered an injury after a slip and fall, make sure you tell a healthcare provider immediately. Give them a full overview of what areas of the body hurts, whether it’s severe or minor. The more detailed you are, the better as a seemingly minor injury could worsen over time.

At SouthShore, we are dedicated to helping you during a difficult time and are able to handle and assist you with your injury claim.  We can help investigate the cause of your injury, gather evidence and photographs, and determine how and why it happened to determine if someone else is responsible for your injuries. southshoreinjuryattorneys

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