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Trucking Accident 

Consequences Can

Be Devastating

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The trucking industry is an extremely important part of our economy.  Current statistics show that there are over 2 million tractor-trailers in operation on our roads today.  This represents approximately 4.3% of all highway vehicles.   In the most congested areas, every fourth vehicle is a tractor-trailer.   According to the American Trucking Association, nearly 70% of all of the freight tonnage moved in the United States goes on trucks.

With all the tractor-trailers on the road, trucking accidents are inevitable.  At thousands of pounds and with the ability to travel at high speeds, a tractor-trailer accident is usually deadly, as most trucking accidents result in at least one fatality.

While most commercial truck drivers abide by the law and take safety issues seriously, others engage in negligent or reckless behavior that place the drivers that share the road with them at risk. In addition, drivers are sometimes encouraged or forced to engage in riskier behavior when faced with unreasonable deadlines from their employers. The companies that operate trucks and hire drivers are also responsible for ensuring their equipment is safe and their drivers have adequate training and supervision.

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a Florida trucking accident, you should seek legal counsel immediately. At SouthShore Injury Attorneys, our Florida Personal Injury Attorneys are available to assist you around the clock. Contact Us as soon as possible for a Free Consultation so we can begin working to protect your rights. We can be reached by phone, email, or through our Contact Us Page.

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